Sparkling Logic Introduces Cloud-Based Decision Modeling Offering

New York City, New York

Pencil Decision Modeler empowers business analysts to discover, document, and collaborate around business decisions using DMN Standard.

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of their new cloud-based, decision modeling offering, Pencil Decision Modeler, to complement their leading decision management system, SMARTS. Pencil Decision Modeler supports the early phases of decision management projects where business analysts capture and document the business rules behind critical business decisions. Pencil implements the OMG Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard that provide a common notation for modeling decisions for business and technical users.

Pencil Decision Modeler is the only decision modeling offering that preserves the organization’s investment in discovering and documenting decision logic by generating an executable decision management project in SMARTS. Pencil users can then execute, test, and run simulations to refine decisions prior to deployment. “We are excited to introduce Pencil to help organizations in the early phase of their decision management efforts”, says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic Co-Founder and CPO, “Business analysts have struggled to collaborate around and agree on the business rules that define their critical business decisions. Our new offering, Pencil Decision Modeler allows them to capture these source rules when they are still just text and ideas, as it provides the framework to guide the users in structuring these assets.”

“Most organizations lack a systematic approach to managing their critical business decisions. A common approach is to define their business rules in spreadsheets and documents. This approach requires a significant effort when these documented rules must be translated into executable decisions” says Brian Stucky, Managing Director of Business Decision Management, Allegiance Advisory Group (AAG) and co-chair of the MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) Business Rules Exchange Workgroup , “Pencil makes use of the DMN standard to create an executable decision management project in SMARTS and will benefit organizations through a more strategic approach to documenting and automating key operational business decisions.”

While Pencil Decision Modeler is fully integrated with SMARTS™ decision management system, it can also be used independently. Pencil is offered as a service, on the Cloud. Individual users or teams can sign up for a modest credit card purchase.

In addition to the new offering, Pencil Decision Modeler, Sparkling Logic also announced the general availability of the New York release of their SMARTS™ Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management Platform. This release supports the execution, testing, and deployment of decision models developed in Pencil Decision Modeler and introduces a number of authentication and security enhancements as well as an improved Microsoft Excel integration.

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