Sparkling Logic Introduces the First Decision Simulation in the Era of Big Data

Honolulu, Hawaii

Delivering MapReduce infrastructure out-of-the-box to enable simulation of varying decision strategies prior to deployment

Sparkling Logic today announced a revolutionary simulation framework as part of their SMARTS™ Decision Management system, enabling companies to perform decision simulations on large datasets without expensive configuration and set-up. SMARTS empowers organizations in virtually every industry to improve the business impact and performance of their process and transaction oriented decisions, on the cloud and on-premise. Using this new capability that implements MapReduce to process large datasets, SMARTS users are now able to seamlessly run decision simulations against datasets of millions of records and compare those results to multiple runs in the SMARTS business intelligence dashboard.

“Our customers need the peace of mind that their decision logic will produce the desired business performance, “ said Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO. “SMARTS removes the headache of computing business metrics across big datasets.”

As decision logic is captured, business experts need to ensure continuous improvement of their automated decisions and this requires experimenting with multiple approaches to the decision logic. This new simulation capability in SMARTS makes it easy to review and compare various decision strategies against much larger volumes of data, projecting the business impact of decision logic, with much higher confidence before deployment.

The MapReduce framework hides the complexity of parallel programming for developers. SMARTS’s general purpose MapReduce implementation eliminates the need for custom coding of complex map and reduce functions to compute business metrics across large datasets. No customization or configuration is needed, so users can focus on the business intent and meaning rather than implementation. SMARTS enables simulations on very large datasets out-of-the-box.

“Mission critical systems have a responsibility to perform under uncertainty” says Neil Raden, Vice-President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. ”Decision Simulation allows companies to increase their confidence in spite of ever-changing business conditions. Sparkling Logic’s MapReduce-based decision simulation addresses those demands now and for the foreseeable future by enabling companies to run decision simulations on very large datasets that could not previously be accommodated.”
The new simulation framework is one of a number of features in Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Honolulu release that enables faster, easier, and more agile development, deployment, and management of automated decisions. Customers can immediately start running simulations against very large-scale datasets to enable more accurate and reliable understanding of business decision outcomes.

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