Sparkling Logic Powers Onlife Health’s Award-Winning Web Portal

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SMARTS Decision Management recommends goals and actions to help participants improve their health.

Sparkling Logic today announced from BBC 2013 that Onlife Health, a leading national wellness company has deployed a SMARTS decision service as part of their award-winning Onlife Health Portal. Onlife is a leading provider of wellness management services to business and health plans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2013, seventy-seven percent of employers offering health benefits also offered some form of wellness program. “As healthcare costs continue to increase for employers, wellness programs have become an important employee benefit, empowering employees to more proactively manage their health,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s CEO, “ Onlife is a known leader in corporate wellness programs and we are very pleased to be part of their wellness portal.”

Onlife needed to expand to the scalability of its wellness portal platform to accommodate a significant increase in participants. As part of the new platform Onlife needed a scalable, high-performance decision management system, to automate complex decision logic and centralize governance and management of the business rules. They selected Sparkling Logic SMARTS because of its advanced, next-generation decision management system.

In less than one month, Onlife Health’s business analysts wrote and tested the rules that assess participants’ health risks and recommend goals and actions that help them improve their health in less than one month. The recommendations include coaching, and self-directed courses, along with diet and exercise trackers. The assessment is initially performed upon enrollment in the wellness program and is updated when the participant reports new information or when new information is collected from the participant’s health plan.

The new portal has achieved a 95% participation rate. During peak volumes it processes hundreds of risk assessments and recommendations per minute. “SMARTS provides our new platform with scalable, high-performance decisioning,” says David Jarmoluk, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, “We are able to easily change our decisions as business needs dictate and deploy these changes without going through the full software change process.”

David and Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s CEO, will present on Onlife’s use of SMARTS at the conference.

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Onlife Health is a national wellness company dedicated to transforming lives through healthier living. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Onlife fosters highly personalized, sustained engagement that begins with a deep understanding of each client’s unique wellness goals and culture. Combining the use of a dedicated health coach, support communities, onsite events and the latest technologies, Onlife creates a tailored program based on individual clients’ and employees’ needs. Onlife Health provides employer and health plan wellness solutions that engage individuals in healthy living anytime, anywhere. We continuously engage the individual participant so that the wellness support they need is Always On™.

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About Sparkling Logic
Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company leading technology innovation in Decision Management. Its SMARTS™ decision management system empowers business experts and business analysts in organizations that need to automate and improve business decisions. SMARTS uniquely leverages data in the decision management environment to facilitate the capture of business rules in the context of use cases, asses the impact of changes in the decision strategy, and combine decision logic revealed in historical data with business rules based on business policy and expertise.

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