Sparkling Logic Releases Enterprise Decision Management for Enterprise Projects

Enterprise decision management with the Kyoto release of SMARTS™

Delivering on the Promise of Enterprise-Wide Decision Management

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the Kyoto release of their SMARTS™ next-generation decision management system. This release focused on simplifying the management of complex decision automation projects. Cases include when decision logic is shared and re-used in multiple projects or when decision logic occur in multiple variations.

Many organizations invest in business rules or decision management systems to simplify automation and management of their decision logic. However, most offerings fail to deliver on simplicity, especially with complex projects. With its latest release, SMARTS™ is the only decision management platform that enables true enterprise decision management. New features include support for cascading decision logic, hierarchical tags, cross-project views and updates, and decision repository replication.

Enterprise Decision Management in Insurance

Operational decisions, such as insurance underwriting and claims processing, often vary by geography, line of business, or product. For example, a typical insurance underwriting decision includes business rules that determine the eligibility of the applicant. Often there are general rules as well as rules that are state-specific. Rather than replicating the general rules for every state, SMARTS™ cascading decisions allow businesses to organize business rules as common rules and exceptions. This enables businesses to author general rules once and re-use them wherever needed. In addition, businesses can easily identify the state-specific rules as they are grouped separately from the common rules. Altogether, SMARTS™ cascading decisions simplifies rules authoring and management while reducing errors that are likely to arise from replication.

Simplicity is Key

“Many companies struggle with a growing number of business rules in their systems,” said Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO. “You cannot just wrap your head around tens of thousands of rules very easily. Our Kyoto release addresses this challenge very elegantly by allowing reuse with unprecedented simplicity.”

The latest release of SMARTS™ is a significant step forward in enabling organizations to improve their operational decisions across business processes and systems. Business-driven changes often impact multiple decisions. Besides supporting cascading decisions, SMARTS™ is the only decision management system that support queries and views of decision artifacts across all projects in the decision repository. Through these new features, organizations can quickly determine which decisions will be affected by any given change.

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Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company leading technology innovation in Decision Management. Its SMARTS™ decision management system empowers business experts and business analysts in organizations that need to automate and improve business decisions. SMARTS uniquely leverages data in the decision management environment to facilitate the capture of business rules in the context of use cases, assess the impact of changes in the decision strategy, and combine decision logic revealed in historical data with business rules based on business policy and expertise.

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