Sparkling Logic Simplifies Product and Service Configuration Problems

Prague, Czech Republic

Latest Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ release enables organizations to manage and deploy large and complex configurations typically defined in datasets and spreadsheets

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the latest release of its SMARTS™ decision management platform, Prague. This release introduces the ability to use an enterprise’s exiting spreadsheets and datasets directly to perform product and service configurations in customer-facing and other production systems.

“Many organizations maintain extremely large spreadsheets with thousands of dependencies related to product and service configuration, pricing, or credit strategy. Applying these configurations in an enterprise system usually involves translating them into a proprietary rule or programming language. This is a time consuming and error-prone task and makes them difficult to understand and maintain,” says Carole-Ann Berlioz-Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s Chief Product Officer, “Our customers are now able to manage and version these spreadsheets and datasets natively in SMARTS, where they can execute, test, and run simulations or Champion / Challenger experiments without having to re-write them in proprietary programming languages, business rules, or decision tables.”

The ability to easily maintain and execute very large and complex product, service, and pricing configurations allows organizations to fine tune their strategy in dynamic and competitive markets. “We faced challenges addressing the needs of some of our customers who had very large spreadsheets containing hundreds of thousands of credit risk rules, Sparkling Logic’s latest SMARTS release will help enable us to overcome previous limitations on how those rules can be effectively managed and deployed,” says Rex Keith, Senior Product Direct – Consumer Platforms at Equifax Inc., “This new capability addresses in particular key concerns in auditing and testing, and helping improve the accuracy and agility of our customers’ strategy accuracy and nimbleness.”

The latest release of SMARTS also includes enhanced support for compliance, auditing, and high availability and large scale deployments.

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