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Carole-Ann Berlioz

Co-Founder and CPO
Carole-Ann is a renowned guru in the Analytics, Decision Management and Business Rules space. She created the vision for Decision Management that is widely adopted now in the industry. Her claim to fame is managing the strategy and direction of Blaze Advisor, a leading BRMS / Business Rules product, while she also managed all the Decision Management tools at FICO (business rules, predictive analytics and optimization).

She has a vision for Decision Management both as a technology and a discipline that can revolutionize the way corporations do business, and will never get tired of painting that vision for her audience. She speaks often at Industry conferences and has conducted university classes in France and Washington DC.

She started her career building advanced systems using all kinds of technologies — expert systems, business rules, optimization, dashboarding and cubes, web search, and beta version of database replication. At Cleversys (acquired by Kurt Salmon & Associates), she also conducted strategic consulting gigs around change management.

While playing with advanced software components, she found a passion for technology and joined ILOG (acquired by IBM) where she developed a growing interest in Optimization as well as Business Rules. At ILOG she coined the term BRMS (Business Rules Management System) while brainstorming with her Sales counterpart. She led the Presales organization for Telecom in the Americas up until 2000 when she joined Blaze Software (acquired by Brokat Technologies, HNC Software and finally FICO).

Her 360-degree experience has allowed her to gain appreciation for all aspects of a software company, giving her a unique perspective on the business. Her technical background kept her very much in touch with technology as she advanced.

Carlos Serrano-Morales

Co-Founder and CTO
Carlos has spent a fair part of his professional adventures in the AI, Analytics, Decision Management and Business Rules world. After graduating from the top Mathematics schools in France, he worked on major European technology projects as well as at the European Space Agency. He joined AI pioneer Neuron Data in its early days, worked on Nexpert, expert system leader, and then was at the origin of Blaze Advisor which helped bring about the BRMS / Business Rules revolution to business applications.

He was responsible for all Decision Management technologies at FICO, including Predictive Analytics, Business Rules, Decision Optimization, as well as the company’s Enterprise Architecture group. He is a passionate development and product leader.

He has two kids he is extremely proud of, and who are on their way to becoming major players in the endeavors they choose for themselves.

When he is not involved in his work or his kids, Carlos loves listening to music (a little peculiar in his choices), reading Latin American, French or American literature (in particular short novels), watching movies (mostly French) and driving through the curves on Skyline or any challenging road. He is waiting for the post-mid-life crisis to hit hard, then buy a motorbike and do his own “long way down” trip.

Carlos also encourages all to participate in and contribute to humanitarian causes to help relieve the hardship that is everyday life for so many, in particular kids. A dollar spent for the education or preventive medical care of a young kid in Haiti is worth a world in long-term benefits for the kid and society.

Of course, Carlos is passionate about anything related to Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Big Data, Decision Management and Business Rules.

Robert Cooper

VP of Sales
Bob has successfully run sales operations ranging from start-ups to greater than $250M in annual revenues. He joins Sparkling Logic after prior sales executive roles most recently with IBM and ILOG SA. Bob has a bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario; and studied graduate business at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and daughter. Bob is active in community programs that include Arlington and Fairfax County youth sports and, as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

Johan Majoor

VP of Software Development
Johan has been the driving force behind the engines that drive a variety of Analytics, Decision Management and Business Rules technology solutions. He has been responsible architecture, design and implementation of handling big data, high performance, high availability, advanced algorithms for operational decision systems. For over 20 years he has been working in development and as a leader to create products that can handle the demands of the modern enterprise.

Marc Lerman

VP of User Experience
Marc was one of the early lead technical architects of the Blaze Advisor IDE at FICO, after a few years spent working on Neuron Data’s Nexpert expert system, and Open Interface (a cross-platform UI toolkit). He also worked as a consultant for government and large institutions on software design and methodology, as well as on performance improvement of applications in production. Marc holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh (UK). He is based in Paris, France.

Colleen McClintock

VP of Products
Colleen has been a software product leader in decision management and business rules technology at ILOG SA and IBM. She lead the vision and effort to evolve JRules to the market leading business rules platform acquired by IBM in 2009. At IBM, she worked with IBM research on advanced decision management projects and lead the integration of process and decision discovery in IBM’s cloud offering. Earlier in her career she co-founded and ran a consulting company that specialized in developing business rule solutions for large corporate clients.

Jihae Hwang

VP of Data Science
Jihae has an extensive data science background, especially in finance companies including Goldman Sachs and Enova. He has also led data science teams for start-ups, mostly recently as the Director of Analytics for Align, where he was responsible for building out and implementing the company’s first ML-based credit model. Upon Align being acquired by Enova, he eventually moved on to lead data science efforts for Enova Decisions, where he led the architecting and implementation of full decisioning flows for multiple clients. Jihae is the most passionate about being a problem solver for businesses using a data-driven approach and being able to support data science teams in that endeavor. He holds a MS in Finance from Kellstadt School of Business and a BA in Math and Economics from Northwestern University.