The SMARTS Way to Artificial Intelligence

on October 12, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the cornerstones of the next generation of enterprise software. Our decision Management platform, SMARTS™, leverages AI to deliver intelligent solutions across all industries and applications. With Sparkling Logic, organizations can harness the power of their data to rapidly transform insights into action:

  • Discover, test, simulate, and deploy informed business decisions without having to code
  • Implement and evaluate predictive models in real-time or batch mode
  • Establish a common IT development and deployment framework

Standards-Based Decision Management

SMARTS™ ensures easy integration with modern enterprise architectures by leveraging standards:

  • Decision service invocation via REST API
  • DMN decision modeling (PENCIL)
  • PMML predictive model import
  • Document / Data import via JSON, XML, CSV

AI-Driven Applications

SMARTS™ empowers organizations to implement AI in their operational decision-making. Examples include:

  • Banking: payment fraud, risk management, loan approvals, credit scoring, collections, customer acquisition and retention, up-sell/cross-sell
  • Insurance: automated claims processing, rating engines, claims fraud, document configuration, customer retention, up-sell/cross-sell, best-fit recommendations
  • Healthcare: health evaluations and recommendations, appropriate-use criteria, readmissions and outcome management
  • Retail: up-sell/cross-sell, campaign optimization, social media management, next-best offer
  • Manufacturing and Utilities: quote generation, predictive maintenance, asset and inventory management, warranty claims

Learn more about SMARTS™ AI & ModelOps capabilities.

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