The SMARTS™ Way to Real-Time Metrics

on January 26, 2023
Real-Time Metrics Dashboard

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to adapt to changing market conditions. However, often it is impossible to know how an automated decision strategy will perform until it has been deployed. As a result, ongoing monitoring of the decisions made and their business outcomes is critical. SMARTS™ is the only decision management platform to offer a built-in, out-of-the box decision monitoring capability. Through SMARTS™ Real-time Decision Metrics, organizations can monitor the quality of their automated decisions as they execute.

Create Real-Time Metrics and Alerts

The SMARTS™ Dashboard allows business analysts to define metrics and create graphical reports as decisions are being developed to summarize testing and simulation results. These same metrics (or new ones) can be used to monitor decisions that have been deployed.

In addition, business analysts can create alerts that trigger when specified thresholds for a metric have been reached. For example, an online payments platform could create a fraud alert when the number of fraudulent transactions in a region exceeds a certain number within a time period. Business analysts can configure notifications (email, SMS) to relevant stakeholders when an alert triggers, ensuring that the organization responds in a timely manner.

Once decisions have been deployed, Real-time Decision Metrics will display metrics and trigger alerts based on data from live decision services.

High Performance, High Availability, and Scalability

SMARTS™, including Real-time Decision Metrics, supports all decision service configurations to ensure that it is always up and running.

  • Execute high-volume, complex decisions fast
  • Replication
  • Load Balancer

Learn more about SMARTS™ Real-time Metrics in this webinar.

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