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on August 27, 2010
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It has been quite a while since Carlos and I blogged about our hikes.  A quick blog on the topic is long overdue. You can’t blame us though for being more passionate about technology!
If you grew up watching lots of westerns like we did, the view of the hanging tree is likely to bring back a lot of memories.  It makes the place a little more dramatic under the hot sun of summer (it was long overdue too).  People used to throw rocks at the tree as a symbol of disgust for the despicable crimes committed.  As a Decision Management person, my mind was contemplating the fast decisions they made here and the lack of process that lead to some mistakes for sure.

Many tunnels and shafts spring up here and there.  The San Cristobal tunnel is worth stopping by.  You won’t be able to follow the old track very far but that is certainly enough to imagine the boring yet nerve-racking days that constituted the miners’ daily life.  Their version of fun back then was competing on their drilling abilities on the boulder brought there from Sierra Nevada I believe.  It is interesting though that they overcame so much trouble only to have a reliable point of comparison on their mining skills.  Something to inspire us on being Performance-Driven I suppose.

The top of hill overlooks San Jose.  Back in those days, it was a small downtown next to the Santa Clara mission, surrounded by miles and miles of orchards.  How I wish I could see that Spring panorama of fruit blossoms.  It must have been absolutely gorgeous!

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