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Thinking Outside the Cube – Feb 20th 2010

Written by: Carole-Ann BerliozPublished on: Feb 22, 20101 comment
Rancho San Antonio County Park

This week, we opted for the Rancho San Antonio park in Mountain View.  It is quite an amazing park just a couple of turns away from civilization.  The contrast is absolutely stunning.

When we arrived close to the top of the hill, we could see both the Bay on the left of this tormented tree, and the high-rise of downtown San Jose on the right side.  It makes you want to pause and just watch that fantastic landscape.

Many of the big trees there are Bay trees.  Their aromatic leaves make me want to cook…  Many French dishes make use of it.  One of the landmark ingredients of “Bouquet Garni”.  We saw the third biggest tree in that park too.  I forgot its name but Carlos might remember.

The park is quite extended.  We did not go through the entire park unfortunately but we definitely enjoyed the hike up the hill.  This may be so far the most beautiful park we have been to for our Thinking Outside the Cube hikes.  This is another park were bikes are welcome.  This is becoming quite tempting but I am afraid that we would not be able to talk as much while riding…  I might be wrong.  Maybe we should try one of those days.


The park is also full of wild life.  Of course, you will find some more traditional animals in the Deer Hollow farm — hens, ducks, goats, sheep…  We could hear pigs but we did not get to see them though.  The most exciting encounter was with a Hawk.  He was huge and serene.  It did not seem bothered by our presence at all.  What a gorgeous bird, just a few yards from us.  We also met some deers and squirrels.

Near the parking lots, the other type of wildlife — humans — were playing with remote-controlled planes.  I was tempted too by the tennis court, nicely located near that big tree.  What a gorgeous environment to play!

You can find more details on the park there

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