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Thinking Outside the Cube – Feb 28th 2010

Written by: Carole-Ann BerliozPublished on: Mar 5, 20101 comment
Emma Prusch Farm

So far, we have had a very mild winter but a lot of rain. This is obviously good for the State that has experienced at least 3 years of drought. Good for the land but not so good for our hikes…

We have had a hard time getting one scheduled that week. We had to plan for an outing over the weekend instead of our traditional weekday. That also meant having one of my sons with us and therefore little real hiking.

So we decided to opt for a local park in San Jose that educates city kids on the basics of a Farm. Kids can feed all kinds of farm animals or learn about compost.

The Emma Prusch Farm park is a surprising neat little park on King st, just at the 101 and 280 intersection.

Carlos and I had a lazy hike to say the least but a fun time running after the roosters with Lucas. We strolled in the small animals area and most spent time in the playground. It was very crowded with kids and families but quite pleasant.


Definitely not the typical Thinking Outside the Cube outing!

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