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Thinking Outside the Cube – Feb 5th 2010

Written by: Carole-Ann BerliozPublished on: Feb 8, 20101 comment
Cottonwood Lake

This year has been very rainy so far…  Given the uncertain weather, we opted for a short walk close-by.  We walked along Coyote Creek Trail — the longest creek in Santa Clara county though (over 60 miles).  It would actually been a good place to ride a bicycle instead but that would have prevented us from having the same level of deep conversations…

Despite the name attributed by Juan Bautista De Anza in 1776 to the creek, “Arroyo Del Coyote”, we did not spot any coyote or bobcat.  There was ample wildlife though, mostly birds and squirrels.  I personally enjoyed the gorgeous Scrub Jays with their blue outfit.


As one might expect the park is full of interesting trees.  I reconnected with my Southern French origins as we walked by Eucalyptus and Mimosa.  I love mimosa!  Those happy little exuberant yellow flowers always seem to taunt the coldest of winter.  How can anyone be immune to their effect?

In February, during the Carnaval in Nice, beautiful young ladies throw flowers at the crowd during the “Bataille des Fleurs” (Flower Parade).  Mimosa blooming in January / February has traditionally been  a landmark for the event.

Coyote Creek is certainly not a breathtaking outing but it is pretty and quiet.  The right combo for our walks.  We do need to spice up the hikes though and start going up a mountain somewhere…  Maybe next week!

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