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Thinking Outside the Cube – Jan 2010

Written by: Carole-Ann BerliozPublished on: Feb 1, 20101 comment
Shoreline Park

Carlos and I decided to take advantage of our time off work to allocate some serious time for pure brainstorm.  Product Management gurus do agree that you cannot force innovation simply by allocating time for it but when juices are already flowing, taking a break to bounce ideas outside of a traditional office — or cubicle! — can help nevertheless.  Et Voila!  our “Thinking Outside the Cube” series is born!

The main idea behind this series of posts is to share the many places we are about to discover or simply re-visit.  It might give you some ideas of nice places for a long walk or a hike in the Bay area.

We would be glad to inspire more people to take some time to get out of the code or the daily routine and think more strategically about your business or your life.  Living in California, we have the amazing opportunity to find beauty around the corner year-round of course but we also assume the duty to spread more Green behavior (not that we have any monopoly on that of course).

Sunset on Shoreline Park

This week, we visited Shoreline Park in Mountain View.  The hike was not at all challenging, except for the mud on the path around the lake and the marshes.  It is a nice place to watch the wildlife, mostly birds.  Very accessible for walking or biking.  Very conducive to productive talks — I will not say more about what we talked about though 😉

Carlos recommends the cafe and the boating club for a little pedalo or small boat ride in the summer.

That was definitely a nice and lazy way to start our 2010 hiking resolution!

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