Thinking Outside the Cube – Montgomery Hill Park

on May 26, 2010
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It has been a while since we posted one of our hikes…  In reality we have been quite busy with the launch of Sparkling Logic, its website, its community and quite a bit of thinking / doing that is associated which such an exciting endeavor.  We only hiked once during that timeframe but decided not to share it with you all since we had already blogged about that park.Last Friday, we went to a smaller park with a shorter trail but despite the underwhelming challenge, we found inspiration yet again.  I knew about John J Montgomery from past articles in the Evergreen times.  I discovered quite a few more details about his achievements while walking that trail.

This pioneer of flight had some daring ideas — sounds familiar! — like the one advertised here on this flyer from over a century ago.  He invented some very innovative concepts that are still in use today.  His name never made it to the level of fame as the Wright brothers because of his secretive personality.  He was very anal about hiding his findings.  He unfortunately eventually crashed during one of his test flight.

Although we have no intention of finding the same fate as this inventor, we feel inspired by his determination.  He went over those very hills over and over again in crafts “heavier-than-air”.

Last Friday was cloudy but had a glimpse of downtown San Jose from that park.  We walked past the observatory, wondering whether or not it was open to public on occasion.  The boys would love that!  The stroll through Evergreen Valley College was quite pretty.

Ducks met us near the lake while the water fountain looked like the perfect decor for the outside amphitheater.  This is definitely a great place to relax after hiking or playing tennis.

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