Understandable AI 101: Adding Transparency and Explainability to Your Business Strategies

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Understandable Decisions and Understandable AI

As businesses automate more of their business strategies, they will need to be more mindful of understandability. First, the underlying decisions must be transparent in a manner that they are traceable. Second, the underlying decisions must not only be explainable to developers and data scientists, but also non-technical employees and external stakeholders. In this webinar, we will focus on what we call Understandable Decisions. Drawing from Understandable AI frameworks, we will cover what organizations need to consider when automating decisions, regardless whether AI is used in decision-making. We will then go through a live demonstration of SMARTS™ decision management platform and showcase our Understandable Decision functionalities including play-by-play, audit trails, and real-time reporting and alerts.

What you will learn:

  • What is Understandable AI
  • How to apply Understandable AI to Automated Decisions
  • How to make decisions understandable in SMARTS™

Additional Resources on Understandable AI:

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