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Dynamic Questionnaires for Higher Interactions

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When websites need to collect information for decision-making based on user responses people often think of using rules to drive the sequence of questions. Rules simplify the complex logic often required to drive these interactions however, they don’t have a mechanism for interacting directly with the application UI. In addition, most rule engines are stateless so the state of the conversation with the user has to be persisted in data and passed back to the rule engine for each interaction.

In this webinar, we will cover a unique feature of SMARTS called Dynamic Questionnaires that address these problems. SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires feature allows you to quickly and easily automate complex online guidance based on user interactions. Attend this webinar to learn how this feature empowers business analysts to write rules to evaluate responses and determine the next questions and information to present in the web interface.

This webinar is hosted by Carole-Ann Berlioz, Chief Product Officer at Sparkling Logic.

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