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Track Business Performance Real-Time

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track business performance real-timeAll in all, the end goal in most industries is to increase business performance. In financial services, the objective is to increase the portfolio while keeping risk as low as possible. As another example, the general wellness of the members is paramount in the health care industry. Also, compliance is critical for flourishing operations of regulated industries.

Simulations can prepare you for what is to come, assuming that past behavior is a good prediction of the future. Yet, uncertainties might disrupt your expectations. At some point in time, tracking your business performance real-time becomes an imperative.

In this webinar, we will explore what that means in practical terms.

To begin with, we will discuss the need. Why do companies need to track business performance real-time more so in Decision Management?

Subsequently, we will illustrate real-time monitoring with real-life example. We will show a few examples of key performance indicators (KPIs), and demonstrate how to create business dashboard that update real-time.

This webinar is hosted by Carole-Ann Berlioz, Chief Product Officer at Sparkling logic

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