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Understandable AI 101: Adding transparency and explainability to your business strategies

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Understandable AI 101

If you are automating business strategies, and need visibility into how those decisions are taken, you should explore the capabilities under the Understandable Decision umbrella. On one hand, it provides traceability on your decision process. On the other hand, it allows for better communication and discussion within the team. Both critical aspects for a successful decisioning project.

In this webinar, we will focus on the definition of human-explainable decisions, share concrete use cases, and position Understandable Decisions in the context of Understandable AI. We will also review practical steps your organization can take when embarking on that journey.

Through a live demonstration of SMARTS, you will learn how your team can leverage Understandable Decision functionalities to fully comprehend how decisions are made under the hood, reviewing them play-by-play. Additionally, we will explore several ways to capture the audit trail for your decisioning processes, whether they are needed for compliance or for your own tracking. Finally, we will expand with ways to turn those explanations into actionable insights using real-time reporting and alerts.

We hope to see you virtually in the webinar!

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