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Would you be my Valentine?

Written by: Carole-Ann BerliozPublished on: Feb 14, 20112 comments

February 14th…  After helping the boys put together 64 Valentine cards, I starting thinking about them dating as they grow up…  Then, possibly as a natural motherly defense mechanism, my mind drifted to Business Rules technologies…  As a fun break to the serious talks about technology, I started considering the best dates for BRMS.  At the risk of being accused of anthropomorphism, I’ll pretend that BRMS is a charming lady in search of that special someone.  Warning — Sense of humor needed!

Ribbon HeartRomantic Date

What can be more romantic than a date with your soul mate?  There is one “person” with the same aspiration in life, the same way of life…  That would be the one and only Business Process Management (BPM).  Those two are definitely meant to be partners for life.  Since they first met, they were to be together.  It did start with a little bit of competition like relationship often do but it did not take long for the whole world to see that it was a case of “1+1 is more than 2”.  There is a very good chance that one date will end up with a Happily Ever After.

Arrow HeartsFun Date

It may involve some risk, some danger…  The thrill of doing something forbidden or simply unexpected can be the basis for a fun date.  For this outing full of surprises, it only makes sense to pick a “bad boy” technology, like a Gaming platform.  They were certainly never meant to be together.  They are complete opposite in some ways — one for Business, one for …  well whoever wants to take a break from work (or school).  I just hope that BRMS will not come back home with a tatoo tonight.

Heart of RosesActive Date

Getting together for an action-filled evening sounds very promising too.  Pleasantly surprised, BRMS will trade high-heels for sneeckers tonight and show off what she is capable off.  Don’t get fooled though, it is not about her.  She is trying to impress her date, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).  They complement each other quite well.  She is very impressed by his ability to track just anything no matter how much she throws at him.  He also sets the bar high for her and he gets the best out of her.

Chocolate HeartCreative Date

How wonderfully sweet is a surprise evening with a special someone who always knows how to amaze you!  BRMS expects transaction after transaction.  Certainly, volume may go up and down…  But only one “person” can blow away expectations: Adaptive Analytics.  Why is that?  He has been able to turn his vicious quest for learning into a never-ending series of little things that make life unpredictable.  This little guy can really think outside the box!

Cheap HeartCheap Date

It may not sound too good, clearly not glamorous…  But when love is in the air, money and luxury do not matter that much.  In the end, the simplicity of a date with Open Source might actually highlight the true feelings that are the foundation for the relationship.  It is a great opportunity to find out if those two really need each other.  If it’s not real, none of them would be there in the first place.  So, if they survive the date and actually get a great time, then maybe this is the real thing.

Et voila!  In the end, there are lots of partners for BRMS, much more than I could list here.  Unlike dating, it is likely that they will all end up together in one way or another as part of the perfect architecture.  I hope you enjoyed the exercise though!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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