#Sapbase – Impact on Decison Management

on May 13, 2010
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

The Sapbase combo changes Decision Management in a couple of ways:

> Complex Event Processing (CEP): Risk Analytics Platform (RAP) could expand beyond its small footprint to a much larger market.  Having CEP capabilities readily available from the larger Platform vendors definitely increases the visibility of technology and help develop its capabilities faster (typically not as an in-house development but through acquisitions) — that may fuel some entrepreneurs’ appetite

> Analytics: In-database analytics get a fair amount of Press so it seems that the potential combinaison of SAP in-memory capabilities running inside Sybase’s database could turn into a great differentiator — assuming unprecedented performance, enabling decision making at an impressive scale.

I found those readings on the subject very well stated, factual and insightful.  Feel free to pay them a visit as well.

DBMS2 from Monash ResearchQuick reactions to SAP acquiring Sybase
MervSAP – Sybase: Synergies? Suspect So.

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